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Multi Wires

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With diamond wire to cut blocks is a technique revolution for block cutting. It is 10-15 times more effective than traditional gang saw cutting, also it can cut stones with different hardness. The power cost is much lower than gang saw. Wire saw cutting makes lower noise and the water demand is low, and it can be recycle d. it makes small amount of stone powder, and easy to be cleaned and recycled. The machines do not take much space either.


1. Efficiency is measured by down feed per min.

2. We can provide endless diamond wire.

3. Our 7.3mm endless wires  can cut more than 330-380 hours without break!

     It can help our client reduce the labor cost, eletricity cost and machine maintenance costs.

4. Our 7.3mm endless wires are very good for Universo, Gaspari, Pedrini, Pellegrini and Bidese (Breton) multi wire machines.